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Care Plans

Regular reviews/individual programme plans will be held for all the residents at least annually. They will be encouraged to participate as fully as they are able to. It should be an enjoyable opportunity for them to consider their achievements and future plans. Their families, carers and appropriate professionals will be consulted, will attend theses meetings.

Personal Care

All levels of care will be fully catered for. The quality of care will be a priority and full attention will be given to physical emotional and spiritual needs.

Day Care

Participation in day care/work/adult education calsses/gym/aqua aerobics/yoga opportunities and adult education classes are encouraged. For theose staying at home we plan a flexible activity plan that includes daily outings and participation in household duties.

Social Care

Pursuing interests and hobbies are encouraged. Various opportunities are included in activities within the local community.


Residents view The Params as their home. Their visitors are always welcome as part of the extended family. Spontaneous visits are encouraged, but to avoid disappointment, you may wish to phone first if you intend to make a special journey.


The residents are encouraged to participate in all household aspects, besides the obvious cleaning and routine laundry duties, according to their abilities.


We encourage the pursuit of hobbies both within the home and outside. We carry out various activities within the home to encourage interest such as working on computers, reading, copy writing, maintaining diaries, nail painting, drawing, colouring, dancing, music, arts and craft work.