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Our Aims.

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“Our Principal Philosophy is that the residents have the right to respect and dignity in all areas of their lives.”

Our Aims

Our Principal Philosophy is that the residents have the right to respect and dignity in all areas of their lives. To this end, all household duties and activities, care plans and household rules will embrace the following aims


This should reflect all aspects of everyday living decisions. Choice should be informed and staff should support the resident to understand the consequences and related responsibilities to their decisions.


This should be promoted in aspects of the care provide. This is about self-esteem, giving a person a degree of worth and honour. How we say and do things can promote dignity.


Whilst linked to dignity, it may relate to how we call each other or treat one another. Acknowledging preferred names and methods of the person being cared for.


Where appropriate, we involve residents in making decisions relating to all aspects of life.


All staff will work towards enabling the person to do things for themselves within their assessed ability levels, giving a sense of competence, thereby promoting confidence in their own ability.


Each care plan is unique. Staff will work towards promoting their individual interests and abilities allowing each of them the freedom to express themselves as individuals.


Everyone should have time and space to be alone if they wish. They should have their space kept private and free from others. i.e. doors locked and knocked on whilst waiting to be invited to enter, if desired. Keys are available to access room and front door.